A Cure for the Common Word

Cover Price: $14.95

Designed to help us all go beyond certain common words we use so often, and to learn to more precisely convey our intended meaning by choosing just the right word. And it's also full of fun quotes.




The McGraw-Hill Desk Reference for Editors, Writers, and Proofreaders,
Book and CD

Cover Price: $21.95

For everyone who finds themselves in the role of writer, editor, or proofreader, this is in effect an update of Go Ahead…Proof It! (from 1996 when most proofreading was still done on hard copy). The second half of the book is all about writing, editing, and proofreading onscreen and online--in Word, PDF files, PowerPoint, and on the web. There's no other book on the market that talks about working online from this perspective, and no other book includes a CD with lots of tools you can use as-is or customize to fit your needs.

The Gremlins of Grammar

Cover Price: $11.95


The Pocket Idiot's Guide to Spanish for Health Care Professionals

Cover Price: $9.95

This massive effort goes way beyond what the publisher expected--and they were thrilled. Doctors and nurses alike love this book.

Back Cover Copy:
Your Rx for successful Spanish!
You're no idiot, of course. But whenever you try to speak Spanish to patients, you get the same diagnosis: tongue-tied.
Don't call in a translator! The Pocket Idiot's Guide ™ to Spanish for Health Care Professionals is just what the doctor ordered. In this Pocket Idiot's Guide ™, you get:

  • Spanish translations for admissions, medical histories, physical exams, and diagnostic tests and procedures.
  • Terms and phrases you'll need when explaining diagnosis and treatment.
  • Expert advice on naming and discussing diseases and conditions.
  • The basics of the alphabet, pronunciation, grammar, and more.


The Art of Styling Sentences, Fourth Edition

Cover Price: $8.95

When the folks at Barron's asked me if I was interested in working on the fourth edition of this best-seller, I, of course said Yes. There's no way I know enough about grammar and sentence structure to do it…so I did what I've done before, find someone who's an expert to help me. In this case, I found the perfect collaborator who did an excellent job. In addition to being great at what she does…she's my Mom. We had a kick working on this together. - K.D.

Back Cover Copy:
Writing style conventions change slowly, but they do change. This new edition presents an up-to-date review of the fundamentals of correct sentence structure and demonstrates twenty basic sentence patterns that encompass virtually every effective way of writing sentences. You'll find advice on ways to vary rhythm and sentence patterns that result in a more interesting writing style. Example sentences and brief essays by recognized writers are presented and analyzed. This brand-new edition, updated with many examples of the best in contemporary style, will inspire you to make your own essays sing.


Go Ahead…Proof It!

Cover Price: $9.95

Though written in a time when most proofreading was done on hard copy, the concepts are still sound, and it's an easy book to read and learn from (see reader comment below).

Back Cover Copy:
Straightforward and easy to use, this guide has been designed especially for the nonprofessional. However, it is equally valuable for professionals who wish to brush up on their skills. This uncomplicated resource explains the difference between ordinary reading and proofreading, offers techniques for efficient proofreading, and shows how to use an editorial style sheet. It also explains proofreader's marks, and addresses special rules to follow for different kinds of printed material, such as newsletters, catalogs, technical manuals, magazine and newspaper ads, and even fiction.

Reader Comment (
This book covers basic proofreading elements that will be extremely helpful to anyone who is new to the field or wants to pursue this career. There are many insider tips that are extremely useful. Also serves as an excellent refresher for people who have been proofreading for a few years. Not all-inclusive as far as grammar, syntax, etc., go (pick up a grammar book for that), but absolutely excellent for the basics and insider tips.


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