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eCommerce Content Writing Services

There are a multitude of online stores seemingly offering millions of products to their customers. Any product search on the web yields various eCommerce sites offering the same goods. In such a highly saturated environment, we believe the following makes a store stand out amongst its competitors:

Product descriptions optimized for search engines, which go beyond the limited content provided by product manufacturers for their distributors, and which are rich in keywords--and unique--for first-page SERP rankings. Product descriptions supplied by manufacturers are recognized as duplicates by search engines, because that is exactly what they are.

Creative Solutions’ writers and editors are knowledgeable in the art of Search Engine Optimization, including keyword inclusion while maintaining a natural writing flow, and providing original and unique descriptions for any product.

This customizable service includes:

Products-Based Keyword Research

  • Primary, secondary, and tertiary keywords
  • Long tail keywords
  • Brand, type, color, and size of products
  • Market & competitor analysis for keywords
  • Highlighting keywords
  • Right keyword density
  • Keywords in meta descriptions
  • Search engine friendly URL

Efficient Product Description       Writing

  • Simple and easy-to-understand language
  • Non-patronizing tone
  • Crisp and precise sentence structure
  • 100% Copyscape-passed content
  • Fact-checked and accurate data
  • No false promises or wrong commitments
  • Content that is compelling to buyers

Title Tags & Meta Descriptions

  • 60-character meta tags
  • Up to 155-character meta descriptions
  • Keywords in meta tags and descriptions

A + B Highly Relevant Outbound Links

  • Hiqh-quality outbound links to authentic websites
  • Links to trusted sources only
  • Correct text-to-HTML ratio

Original & SEO-Friendly Content

  • Right density of primary & long tail keywords
  • Keywords in title and product URLs
  • Keywords in title tag, H1 tag, and meta descriptions
  • Updating pages for local searches

Other Activities

  • Adding HTML tags & uploading content
  • Data entry work

Revisions at no additional cost

  • Every description will be edited by U.S.-based editors
  • Upon request, product descriptions will be rewritten


  • Weekly writing reports
  • Current performance
  • Monthly SEO report

Customer Support

  • Email
  • Chat
  • Telephone

Category Page Writing Services

When it comes to writing online content, it’s not just the words on the page that keep a reader engaged. How the text is displayed on the screen and the structure of the document can be the determining factor in whether or not a viewer reads on or moves on. This means that copy blocks are extremely important when it comes to creating an online presence.

Creative Solutions understands the unique way that web copy must be formatted for optimal efficacy. Our writers can take your concept and create copy blocks that holds a reader’s attention and are optimized for SEO performance.

Our Category Page Writing Service is the intelligent way to ensure that your content reaches your clients and customers with the message you want them to hear.

Buying Guide Writing Services

Content marketing is an important development in the realm of reaching customers. A buying guide is a way to add value to your e-commerce site by guiding customers toward educated decisions on a product. A well-researched and clearly written buying guide can increase customer satisfaction and loyalty, and the inclusion of properly chosen key words it can even help boost your search engine rankings.

Our writers can help you create buying guides that:

  • Explain features as a product’s benefits
  • Describe product or service as a solution to a problem
  • Suggest additional uses for increased interest or cross-selling
  • Position your site as an authority on product or line
  • Create value for genuinely interested customers

Creative Solutions’ Buying Guide Writing Service is an excellent way to generate useful content that will inform consumers and build trust while displaying quality products and guiding purchases.


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