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At Creative Solutions, we believe excellence is achieved by quality people and processes. We are fortunate that the majority of our team has been with us for many years, and we consider it our duty to ensure they are the premier writers and editors in their respective fields. Their talent, as well as the tools and procedures we empower them with, set us apart in the industry.

We serve both large and small clients throughout the United States and internationally, providing professional copyediting, proofreading, marketing communications, technical and creative writing services, and staffing. A full-service writing and editing company, we work with our clients to develop customer-focused content to drive engagement and improve their customer experience. As a result, our biggest niches in the last 15 years have been writing and editing product descriptions for many major online retailers, and developing popular eLearning content for numerous tech companies, in addition to the advertising and marketing clients on which our reputation was originally built.

Maintaining a high bar of editorial and writing services requires an uncompromising dedication to pursuing best practices and talent. We have recruited whom we believe to be the most gifted, dedicated, experienced, passionate, and detail-oriented team in the United States, and armed them with trademarked tools such as our custom content management system and our 8 Stages of Proofreading. This combination of people and processes has repeatedly helped Creative Solutions earn a reputation for meeting seemingly impossible deadlines while delivering impeccable work. We revel in the opportunity to take in our clients’ needs and help bring their visions to life.


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