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Compelling writing (also known as copy) aims to attract and drive your target audience. It expresses your business’s values and services and engages with your current and prospective clients. As an integral part of your marketing efforts, any writing related to your business should be error-free and effectively communicate your messages.

Below, you’ll find a checklist of every step needed to maximize the value of your business writing, including research, messaging, connection and word choice, copyediting services, and proofreading.


Compelling copy needs to address specific problems your target audience is trying to solve, and present how your products or services address these. Thorough research and using the right language for your audience’s level of technical fluency and knowledge will go a long way in breaking through to your audience.

Single message

Your copy should focus on an outcome you can promise to your clients. Using short, concise, to-the-point, direct language and tone, and avoiding the usage of passive voice to maximize confidence and directness, will help communicate your message. Also, avoiding hyperbolic, exaggerated terms such as ground-breaking, unprecedented, revolutionary, and many others will help you stand out more authentically.

Exclusive and emotional

Your copy should emphasize making your target audience feel important. Focus on creating a connection by hinging on emotion. You must also focus on your brand’s unique point of view, i.e., what makes your business stand apart from the competition.


No matter how good a writer is, only a professional copyeditor is fully versed in all of the latest grammar and punctuation rules for your language and industry, as well as your company’s most current style and trademark usage preferences. Professional copyeditors are also an extra set of eyes ensuring that your sentences are as concise and correct as possible.


After a document has been copyedited, it will often go through some final changes by the writers and its contributors, and errors can also be introduced when the text is put into its final layout for publication. As such, companies opt for proofreading before publication, as a final check for any errors that could be embarrassing or off-putting (or require expensive re-printing) if not caught. A professional proofreading service can quickly and inexpensively provide you with peace of mind and apply a final level of professionalism to your content.


Compelling writing speaks to the vision, products/services, differentiation, and values of a business. For their content, Fortune 500 companies often use professional proofreading and copyediting services, which are easily and affordably available online to all businesses these days and can help businesses at all levels appear as professional and polished as possible.


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