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How to Drive Traffic to Your E-Commerce Page

Driving traffic to your e-commerce page can be a challenging task. It's even harder if you recently launched your website or you're facing strong competition. To get over this hurdle, successful marketers rely on a blend of traffic-building strategies. The following is a list of the most effective options available today to drive customers to your e-commerce site.

Draw Customers with a Sales Campaign

A good way to drive traffic to your e-commerce site is to launch a sales campaign. Everyone loves a good deal. People are more likely to visit your online store if they're assured a bargain in their visit. A sales campaign can be launched in multiple ways, for instance, by offering coupons (via online ads). Many guests who visit your site with a coupon will invariably look around at other items of interest and potentially become buyers. Flash sales also help drive traffic, as do "buy one get one free" (BOGO) offers. You can even offer free or discounted shipping to motivate visitors to make a purchase.

Connect to Your Audience with Influencer Marketing

Another option for driving traffic is to advertise your site using influencers. It's all about visibility. You can generate traffic by having a guest post on a popular blog. Alternatively, you could ask influential bloggers to try out your product for free. In exchange, the influencer shares an honest review of their experience with followers. Be sure to carefully screen your options, and not just contact anyone. Choosing the wrong influencer can easily damage your brand, as well. For the best results, seek out influencers with personalities that closely mirror your brand and an audience base that's similar to your target market.

Get Press Coverage

Having a story published in the news can make a huge impact on your online sales. Consider this: In 2021, a photo of U.S senator Bernie Sanders wearing a pair of colourful mittens went viral and became headlines news. The creator of the mittens received thousands of emails from people requesting to buy a pair. She chose to not convert those requests into actual sales, but it goes to show how wide-reaching a good new story can be. The quickest way of getting press coverage is to look for angles that might interest a journalist or blogger.

Optimize Your Website

When it comes to e-commerce, search engine optimization (SEO) isn’t just an option—it's often the rule. Without it, an e-commerce page can easily get lost. To put it in perspective: In 2020, the internet had over 1.7 billion websites in the world, and the number is continually growing. It's why many top retail sites rely on e-commerce content writing companies. Building your site using the best SEO methods helps ensure that visitors can find you the next time they use Google. One of the upsides to search engine optimization is that it provides free marketing (when done right).

Most of the methods above will put a recurring, welcomed dent in your bottom line, with an SEO-optimized website potentially drawing hundreds of thousands of guests organically. Some of the techniques you can use to improve SEO discoverability include mixing your keyword variations, as well as meta descriptions, employing engaging headers, and adding stand-out snippets of content.



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