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How to Write a City Guide for a Travel Brand

City guides are extremely useful for travelers. By publishing city guides, travel brands are able to reach new audiences and potential customers with helpful travel content. Writing a city guide for a hotel, airline, travel booking site, or other types of travel brand requires finding an approach that fits the brand’s voice and style. It’s also important to consider the brand’s target audience and tailor the content accordingly. As with any travel guide, you should begin by identifying the goal of the guide. Do you want to write a city guide that covers the lesser-known attractions and hidden gems that a city has to offer, or do you want to focus on the major attractions? Granted, any of these would make a good addition to a city guide, but you’ll need to decide what approach you want to take. While travel content writing companies use different methods to write city guides, most of them follow similar structures. You can ensure your city guide delivers the best impact by covering these three areas:

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1. Write About Getting To/Around the City:

Many of the best city guides offer useful information on how to get to the city. For instance, does the city have one or more airports? How far is the airport from the center of the city? What are the forms of transportation to and from the airport? Be sure to include details of alternative forms of public transportation that tourists can use once they arrive. Most travelers prefer the convenience of getting around in a cab. But if there are more affordable ways of getting around the city, don’t forget to include those. If the city doesn’t have an airport, what options do tourists have for visiting the city? Are there ride-sharing services available?

2. Add a Section That Covers Places to Stay

Improve on your city guide with a section that covers the local accommodation options and the best neighborhoods to stay in. Obviously, most cities offer a wide variety to cater to different budget needs. Unless your guide has a very specific focus, touch on each of these. Write about what it takes to make a reservation in the city for a hotel room or apartment. Provide a comparison of both options. Do people prefer staying in hotels instead of apartments? Do most hotels come with complimentary breakfast? Travelers tend to prefer city guides that provide useful financial information, such as the cost of accommodation or food. You could also include tips on discounts and how to stay in the city on a budget. If you’re writing a city guide for a hotel brand, you’ll obviously focus on that specific hotel and the benefits of staying there, including details on the neighborhood and location.

3. Provide Information on Activities in the City

No city guide is truly complete without a section that provides useful tips on fun things to do. After all, half the appeal of visiting a new city is experiencing its many attractions. Your city guide should provide details on the various activities and places to visit in the city. Are there beaches or historic sites? Maybe there are certain neighborhoods that are worth exploring. Be sure to provide options that appeal to different people. For instance, while visiting an amusement park might be a fun pick for a family, touring the local museum is probably a better option for couples. If your brand caters to a particular audience (such as families, young professionals), that will help determine your focus. Unless you’re emphasizing family-friendly travel, your coverage of the city should include both daytime and nightlife activities. What are some of the fun things to do after dark? Are the nightclubs and bars located within a particular area of the city? Give readers insight on what to expect and be sure to fact-check to ensure accuracy. And if you need some help, consider engaging a professional travel content writing service.



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