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Our increasingly digital and convenient world tempts customers to shop online. One way eCommerce shops can differentiate themselves is by offering their visitors buying guides. You can design them to direct potential buyers to which of your products best suit their needs in any given category. An effective buying guide should not only be easy to navigate, but also attract, inform, and inspire.

A well-designed buying guide includes all relevant information such as price, dimensions, functionality, and other specifications. You can always count on ecommerce content writing services to prepare one for you. Meanwhile, this blog will provide you with an overview of this effective eCommerce tool.

Relevant Information

A buying guide provides relevant information to motivate and direct your readers. Your content should present the advantages and disadvantages of each included product. It should be like talking to a salesperson at a physical store and help assure them of their decision and more quickly make a purchase.


Buying guides have a neutral, professional, and less conversational tone. It is necessary to make your site appear as a reliable source of information, while also being helpful, friendly, and engaging. Avoid jargon and present the topic to the point.


Apart from what you present, the manner in which you present is also crucial. Your buying guide should follow an easy-to-navigate format. As many users prefer mobile phones, you must emphasize making them mobile-friendly. A downloadable format can also be advantageous and promote sharing.


Depending on the product, you can expect all kinds of visitors. Many of them can scroll away if they find a wall of text. Along with making it easy to understand, use sub-headings to make it skimmable. You can also use bullet points and employ shorter sentence lengths.


Keywords are necessary but never add them forcefully. The purpose of writing these is to guide people about the products customers are likely considering within a product category and help them to make a decision while they are on your site. To optimize their effectiveness, you can use ecommerce content writing services.


This blog has highlighted six essential points for writing a buying guide. Ensuring no fluffy language and sales pitches, and that it’s error-free (proofreading services) will maximize the potential of this tool to help customers make quicker decisions and more purchases while visiting your online store. If you need assistance and want to be sure of a perfectly written buying guide, contact e-commerce content writing services.


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