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How to Keep Visitors on Your E-Commerce Site


In the world of e-commerce, web traffic is everything. It’s the digital food that websites need to survive. But drawing visitors to your page is only half the task: You’ll also need to provide a reason for them to stay. Marketing studies reveal that more than 70 percent of people who leave a website never return. So, if you’re looking for ways to reduce your site's bounce rate, here are some proven ways to consider.

Enhance Your Website

Visuals matter. Set the scene with the right theme and images. It’s the first thing that visitors notice when they visit a page and having an appealing e-commerce site with a user-friendly design will instantly increase the odds of visitors staying on the site. UX designers often recommend using bright, clear images that relate to the site’s content. Images are also a great way of directing the reader’s attention to items on your site. Be sure to pick a font that’s large and easy enough to read, as well.

Create Scannable Content

Improve your e-commerce website by breaking up the page to include key phrases and words. Most visitors spend an average of 6 seconds scanning a page to see if it fits their needs. Subheadings are powerful tools during this short window. Use engaging headers to draw the reader’s attention to the different sections on the page. If you're creating product descriptions, make them short, straight to the point, and easy to read. You can also provide scannable content by using shorter and clearly separated paragraphs.

Keep it Simple

While it’s great to provide useful content, too much isn’t necessarily a good thing. Of course, it’ll depend on the type of e-commerce site. While an exuberance of content might be the norm for landing pages, online shopping sites attract the most attention when they offer clean, easy-to-navigate designs. Avoid the temptation of listing hundreds of items on the same page. Instead, divide your page into multiple layers for easier navigation.

Use Call to Action (CTA) Buttons

Encourage visitors to remain on your site with a CTA button. It might be a button that invites visitors to download a trial or a button that adds an item to a cart. Make sure the CTA button is eye-catching. You can also create a sense of urgency by adding some time-sensitive context to the button or using the scarcity rule. Shoppers are more likely to make a quick decision if an item is in limited supply or on sale for a short period.

Take the Time to Create Error-Free Content

Before hitting the publish button, take the time to go through the content on your page. Spelling and grammar mistakes can inflict a lot of damage to the perceived trustworthiness of an e-commerce page, or any content, for that matter. It’ll make the site feels less professional, which in turn can alienate potential customers. If you don’t have the time to write or go over your content, consider seeking the assistance of a professional proofreading service. Working with an agency will not only help ensure that you end up with creative content, but also help ensure that the voice of your site resonates with your target audience.


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