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Sometimes, copywriters don’t have the time to proofread, let alone edit their work. If you find yourself short on time, you can hire copyediting services to do your work instead. However, finding a good copyeditor online has become immensely difficult. For one, there are too many of them to choose from. Secondly, there are several myths about copyediting services.

To help you determine whether you’ve believed in a myth or a fact, here are the top misconceptions people have about copyeditors:

1. You Can Hire a Copyeditor for All Types of Projects
Perhaps the most common misconception about copyediting services is that they will take on any type of copywriting project you have, be it an eBook or website content. This is not the case at all. Copyediting services have editors who specialize in a certain type of project. In very rare cases, editors do take on projects outside their area of expertise but that isn’t the norm.

2. Copyeditors Do More Than Just Edit
Copyeditors only edit. They don’t proofread or make major structural changes to the copy you have written. Their job is to edit and that is what they do. They then pass on the copy to proofreaders and other specialists who deliver the final draft to you.

3. You Can Find an Experienced Copyeditor at the Eleventh Hour
Because there are a number of copyediting services available for you to select from, it shouldn’t be too hard to find a copyeditor at the last minute.
However, this too is a myth. The best copyediting services have a huge number of projects on their hands, so their copyeditors are booked up for weeks at a time. Surely you can find a copyeditor at the eleventh hour, but quality is not guaranteed in such cases.

These are some common myths about copyeditors along with their truths. So, don’t let these put you in more trouble in the future.


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