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Professional-grade writing is a process that requires extensive time, sweat, editing, and proofreading to make it publishable. Any punctuation, spelling, and grammar errors, or awkward or long-winded phrasing, for instance, can distract a reader and downplay a writer's authority. As factual errors, Editing, or copyediting, is a process by which a document is combed over to remove these types of issues. In our digital world, copyediting services are now equally accessible to large companies and individual authors or students, leveling the content playing field.

And copyediting not only addresses the aforementioned items, but also addresses style, tone, repetition, and heading inconsistencies, as well as ensuring charts, visual references, and all math are accurate.

Some of these copyeditors' tasks are elaborated on below.


Word choice

Copyeditors ensure words are efficiently and effectively used, sentences are not too long, and that jargon is appropriate. They also point out any awkward or unclear text, and offer suggestions to replace them.


Quicker publication

One of the significant benefits of copyediting is accelerated publication. When you submit a document for publication or public consumption, it invariably gets reviewed by a publisher or editor, or executive, for example. Copyedited documents have an advantage and leg up on unedited documents, and also help a reviewer see the document as professional and publishable.



Copyeditors highlight and correct formatting errors and inconsistencies, making a document appear more polished, as well. Copyeditors may also suggest alternative formats or formatting present content more impactfully.



Traditionally, authors never copyedit their own work, as a fresh pair of eyes is an integral part of the process. So, hiring professional copyediting services with years of experience under their belt can significantly help you improve your content and ensure its accuracy, grammatically and factually.



Copyediting is more accessible and affordable than ever and can help make any writer's content more professional and publishable. Since 1993, Creative Solutions has provided copyediting and other editorial services to many Fortune 500 and boutique companies alike, as well as to individuals, with renowned turnaround times (often same-day, for shorter documents). Feel free to contact them to ask about this service, or submit a project.


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