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E-learning platforms are one of the easiest ways for someone to expand their knowledge base. You likely know someone who's taken e-learning courses to gain in-depth expertise, skills, and certifications to add to their professional portfolios. Compared to traditional classrooms, this increasingly popular digital platform offers the convenience and pace of virtual classes, requiring just an internet connection.

Some popular e-learning platforms include:


1. Coursera

Partnering with nearly 200 prominent universities and international institutions, Coursera is one of the leading e-learning platforms and provides accredited certificates. Apart from paid courses, it also offers several free certifications and is available in various languages.


2. MasterClass

MasterClass got into the e-learning game in 2014. It does not provide free courses but has affordable educational courses. This e-learning platform has leading (and often famous) instructors and is one of the more affordable e-learning platforms.


3. Udemy

A popular e-learning company, Udemy offers 183,000+ courses. Instructors here can publish professional courses in 65 different languages.


4. Edx

Edx is also a popular online e-learning platform and easy-to-access system featuring different sections for programs and degrees.


5. Udacity

Udacity is considered one of the best e-learning platforms, in spite of its limited choices. This eLearning services provider also has user-friendly interactive features to make learning easier.



E-learning on the above platforms requires an electronic device such as a tablet, cell phone, or laptop. If you would like to convert your coursework to e-learning, create new e-learning courses, or have your current e-learning courses proofread or copyedited to make them more polished and professional, Creative Solutions can help. Creative Solutions has years of proven experience in providing high-quality e-learning services to some of the biggest companies in the world.


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