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Travel Blogs from 6 Top Brands


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Building a successful travel blog for your brand takes time. You’ll need to create great travel content on a regular basis. Beyond that, your articles or blog posts must remain consistent with your brand. It's not enough to simply upload pictures and stories. A good travel blog should have a unique identity that differentiates it from others. To put it into perspective, here’s a roundup of travel blogs from some of the world’s top travel brands.

Lonely Planet Blog

With over 100 million published books covering thousands of destinations, Lonely Planet is something of an expert on backpacking. Budget travelers turn to the site for travel tips, news, and holiday ideas. To help, the travel guide publishes hundreds of blog posts and articles on a variety of topics—everything from how to travel on a budget to the best romantic getaways. You can read featured stories written by Lonely Planet writers or catch up on local travel news. You’ll also find articles on specific interests (like where to find the best surf beaches throughout the year). Examples of some great posts on the Lonely Planet Blog include:

The Business Travel Blog from Booking.com

If you had to create a top-five list for travel brands, odds are Booking.com would make the shortlist. The digital travel company provides connections to over 25 million listings. While Booking.com publishes hundreds of articles on a wide selection of topics ranging from travel tips to the best family travel, the company also maintains a travel blog for business travelers. You’ll find posts on travel trends, business travel planning, and more. Examples of some popular posts on the Business Travel Blog include:

Viewfinder Travel Blog by Expedia

Billed as a travel site for vacationers and business travelers, Expedia boasts an extensive travel portfolio that includes booking services for car rentals, vacation packages, hotel reservations, and flights. The digital travel agency also maintains Viewfinder Travel, an online blog that connects travel writers from all walks of life around the world. It offers hundreds of posts on travel destinations and travel deals. It’s a great site for discovering travel ideas, planning vacations, and more. You’ll find a wide range of articles, such as the following:

Travel + Leisure Blog

Based in New York, Travel + Leisure is a popular travel brand that offers inspiration for travel. Its digital footprint includes travel tips, city guides, and travel photography. The brand is famous for its World’s Best Awards, which are based on an annual reader survey that ranks cruise ships, airports, islands, and hotels around the world. Travel + Leisure also maintains a travel blog that features posts and articles touching on a variety of valuable information that could come in handy during a trip. It’s an especially good pick if you’re looking for useful hostel-hopping content and travel tips. Here are a few examples of the types of articles you’ll find:

Trip Advisor Blog

Launched in 2000, TripAdvisor provides an easy one-stop platform where travelers can compare prices on cruises, flights, and hotels. The online travel brand provides options for booking tours, online hotel reservations, and more. It also maintains a travel blog that’s described as “for travelers by travelers.” The blog features hundreds of user-driven posts, including travel tips, stories, and travel guides. TripAdvisor also publishes its annual Travelers’ Choice awards, which highlight some of the best tourism destinations in the world, based on millions of traveler reviews. Examples of some popular blog posts include:


Norwegian Cruise Line Travel Blog

Synonymous with deep blue waters, shore excursions, exotic locations, and island hops, Norwegian Cruise Line is a popular brand in leisure travel. The company maintains an official travel blog that features posts on a wide selection of topics, including travel tips and family vacations. The travel and lifestyle blog also offers inspiration for holiday cruises and romantic adventures, as well as travel guides for many exotic holiday destinations. Some sample posts include:


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