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People generally think of writing as a solitary activity. However, as any published writer will attest to, good writing is a team effort. Writers tend to see what they think they wrote, whereas the second pair of eyes will not only see what was actually written, but if they belong to an editor well versed in current style manuals (such as the Associated Press Stylebook, or the Chicago Manual of Style), they will also spot errors in grammar, spelling, and punctuation, as well as inconsistencies, even when the writer is a good editor themselves.

Editorial services can also make a writer’s copy more accessible by providing translations, as well as desktop publishing and graphics services, and professional writers with various industry expertise to enhance their copy.

Editorial services are an even greater asset for companies, for whom it is becoming increasingly challenging to allocate in-house resources with the domain knowledge, know-how, and time to create good content. Such resources are often focused on other core competencies. An editorial agency recognizes these issues and can provide content, editing, and proofreading services to ensure a company’s resources are dedicated to what they do best.

The result is much better communication.


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