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Why Every Company Needs a Style Sheet

A style sheet (also referred to as a style guide), is an important tool for establishing a company’s unique brand identity and achieving more consistent communications. It also helps to create a distinctive experience for their customers. For a business’s brand to perform well, it must deliver a memorable experience through its style and content. When well-executed, a style sheet acts as a compass for all of a company’s writers and contributors and designers, to improve the effectiveness of communications, and help convert website visitors into customers. A style sheet helps the content creators to establish a consistent voice and style within a document, and across multiple documents.

Not sure where to begin? You can hire a content writing company to create one for you or draft your own including the following elements.

What Top Content Writing Companies Include in a Style Sheet?

Listed below are the key components that a writing services company would assess while creating an effective style sheet for a client.

  • General Writing Guidelines
  • Writing Style: Add the basics of your chosen writing style whether American English or British English. For instance, color/colour, fiber/fibre, -ise/-ize
  • Your company’s preferred font size and style
  • Text Format: Your company’s preferences for title case, sentence case, lowercase, or uppercase
  • Sentence structure and length guidelines
  • Use of symbols/abbreviations for measurements
  • Separate proofreading or editing guidelines
  • Punctuation:
  • Use punctuation as a matter of style. For example, many companies label dates in different ways (hyphens or slashes, for instance). You can set a standard way to do it in a style sheet and add your company’s preference for whether to use the Oxford/serial comma.
  • Branding Guidelines: It’s a necessity to include your company’s brand guidelines within a style sheet to offer a quick overview of the company, along with a list of company trademarks (and we should use which symbols with them).
  • General Grammar Rules: Even the most professional writers can make grammatical errors. Use short, concise paragraphs to direct writers and editors to grammar rules. This can include the differences between the commonly misused words, such as to/too, affect/effect.