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What Is E-Learning Content Writing?

E-learning content includes numerous elements to make learning effective for a wide range of consumers. Slide-based courses allow consumers to follow a self-paced structure. With this format, they view interactive slides that can contain video, audio, PDFs, images, and other documents. This not only works for education institutions, but also works well for companies who want to automate employee onboarding, training, and other services.

E-learning content also includes quizzes and tests to assess student knowledge and retention. Writing assessment or quiz questions in a clear, unambiguous format allows the consumer or student to fully understand what’s being asked.

Avoid dull e-learning content by varying which elements you include, such as images, audio, and video. When e-learning content includes only text, it’s easy for students to disengage. Embedding videos or recorded webinars helps to captivate your audience so that information can more easily be spread.

How We Can Help With E-Learning Content

The purpose of an e-learning course is to teach specific information, so having clearly written and easily understood e-learning content is essential to educating online course takers. Creative Solutions has worked with various companies and organizations who employ e-learning, by methodically developing, writing, editing, and proofreading online course and certification content.

Most of all, e-learning content should look professional. If a course employs a particular style guide, such as APA (7th edition), MLA, etc., it’s important to ensure the content of the course adheres to that style. Our editing services can also ensure that your e- learning content is free of grammatical mistakes and formatting issues and can ensure your online course looks professional and competent.

Furthermore, if you haven’t settled on a particular style guide, Creative Solutions can help to craft one or recommend an existing one based on the course content and intended audience. For instance, many science-based courses adhere to APA (7th edition) style, while many English and literature courses follow MLA format.  

With our e-learning services, Creative Solutions can generate new e-learning courses from scratch or repurpose existing coursework from another format into online coursework. If you already have e-learning content written, we can edit and/or proofread it for accuracy, correcting grammar, typos, etc., or make more substantive changes and improvement, so that it’s presentable and effective for e-learning. Our experienced editors will tailor your content—whatever its state—to work with your program, or for seamless integration within a course structure.

Case Study

Our engagement with a major networking company began with the worldwide training certification department in 2000. It quickly grew from one to 15 copyeditors and proofreaders working on instructor-led training (ILT) and e-learning training courses and assessments, as well as a variety of other projects. We also created a myriad of editorial job aids for the company’s internal and external editors, contributed quarterly to the department’s editorial style guide, and helped craft style guides for other departments.


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