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Since 1993, Creative Solutions has supplied proofreading and marketing communications writing to a variety of renowned and boutique advertising and marketing agencies, as well as providing short- and long-term on-site proofreading staffing. Our team is well versed in the industry’s major style references, and follows Creative Solutions’ copyrighted 8 Stages of Proofreading to help ensure clear and error-free copy every time.

We are renowned for our same-day and next-day turnarounds, very competitive rates, quality, and reliability. Creative Solutions can both complement an agency’s current proofreading resources, as well as fill in as an agency’s primary proofreader.

Correct and error-free communications are especially important in the advertising and marketing industry, and we take a lot of pride in our customers’ long-term faith in us to carry out this crucial role for them.

Whether it's brochures, mailers, video and commercial scripts, catalogs, press releases, newsletters, articles, and feature stories—we make sure that our client’s messages will be heard loudly and clearly.


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