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Creative Solutions creates full-cycle, high-volume content for some of the world’s largest online retailers. These services include writing unique and error-free product descriptions, buying guides, and category pages that are enhanced with search engine optimization (SEO) for higher rankings. To meet the prolific content production needs of our e-commerce clients, we have developed a proprietary internal online content management system, which allows our team’s entire process to be conducted and tracked in real-time—from identifying and integrating SEO keywords, content creation, editing, and QA, to client delivery. Without this tool, our renowned production scale and turnaround times would be nearly impossible.

Product Description Writing Services

To date, Creative Solutions has written and optimized well over one million product descriptions for various eCommerce clients. Each product description is verified as unique before submittal, rich in keywords for first-page search engine rankings, going beyond the limited content provided by product manufacturers for their distributors.

Creative Solutions’ long-term team of writers and editors are skilled in the art of content creation for products, including maintaining a natural writing flow when inserting keywords and providing original and unique descriptions for any type of product. Product descriptions supplied by manufacturers are easily recognized by search engines as duplicates, because that is what they are, and therefore do not rank as highly in search engines.

We can help improve organic search engine rankings and traffic, and subsequently reduce a company’s digital advertising budget. Our engaging content has shown to result in better customer experience, as well as greater conversion rates and ROCS (Return on Content Spend).

Creative Solutions takes pride in its longstanding capacity as a one-stop-shop for product descriptions, SEO, and uploading services, and would welcome the opportunity to speak with you about your particular product description or content needs.

Our customizable service includes:

Products-Based Keyword Research Efficient Product Description Writing
  • Primary, secondary, and tertiary keywords
  • Long-tail keywords
  • Brand, type, color, and size of products
  • Market & competitor analysis for keywords
  • Highlighting keywords
  • Right keyword density
  • Keywords in meta descriptions
  • Search engine friendly URL
  • Simple and easy-to-understand language
  • Non-patronizing tone
  • Crisp and precise sentence structure
  • 100% Copyscape-passed content
  • Fact-checked and accurate data
  • No false promises or wrong commitments
  • Content that is compelling to buyers

Title Tags & Meta Descriptions

A  +  B Highly Relevant Outbound   Links
  • Meta tags
  • Meta descriptions
  • Keywords in meta tags and descriptions
  • High-quality outbound links to authentic websites
  • Links to trusted sources only
  • Correct text-to-HTML ratio
Original & SEO-Friendly Content Other Activities
  • Right density of primary & long-tail keywords
  • Keywords in title and product URLs
  • Keywords in the title tag, H1 tag, and meta descriptions
  • Updating pages for local searches
  • Adding HTML tags & uploading content
  • Data entry work
Revisions at no additional cost Google Analytics Reports
  • Every description will be edited by U.S.-based editors
  • Upon request, product descriptions will be rewritten
  • Weekly writing reports
  • Current performance
  • Monthly SEO report
Customer Support  
  • Email
  • Chat
  • Telephone


Typical Characteristics of Product Descriptions:

  • Word count: an average of 200 to 300 words
  • Keyword density: 1-2 %
  • No links
  • Fact-checking
  • Reference content: customer site, manufacturer, and other websites
  • Copyscape tested (for plagiarism)

Category Page Writing Services

Categories group individual product pages together based on a similar subject or product type. Categories give order and structure to a website's content or its taxonomy. They organize content to make it easier for potential customers to find what they are looking for, and furthermore, serve as an index of all the pages that belong to that particular group of products.

Creative Solutions understands how web copy should be formatted for maximum exposure. Our writers can take your concept and create category pages that hold a reader’s attention and are optimized for SEO performance.

Our Category Page Writing Service is a proven way to ensure that your content reaches your target customers with your intended message. We’ve written tens of thousands of category pages for various e-commerce companies, including many top-10 web-based companies and retailers.

Typical Characteristics of Category Pages:

  • Word count: 200-600 words
  • Keyword density: 1-2%
  • Links: 4-6
  • Volume: 100+ per month
  • No images
  • Fact checking
  • Reference content: customer site, manufacturer, and other websites
  • Copyscape tested

Buying Guide Writing Services

Content marketing is an important development in the quest for connecting with customers. A buying guide is a way to add value to your e-commerce site by guiding customers toward making an educated decision on a type of product. A well-researched and clearly written buying guide can increase customer satisfaction and loyalty, and with the inclusion of carefully chosen keywords, can help boost your search engine rankings.

Our writers can help you create buying guides that:

  • Explain features such as a product’s benefits
  • Describe products or services as a solution to a problem
  • Suggest additional uses for increased interest or cross-selling
  • Position your site as an authority on a product
  • Create value for genuinely interested customers

Creative Solutions’ Buying Guide Writing Service is an excellent way to generate useful content that will inform consumers and build trust and rapport while displaying quality products and guiding purchases. We have written thousands of buying guides for various e-commerce companies, including some top-10 online retailers.

Typical Characteristics of Buying Guides:

  • Word count: 500-1200 words
  • Keyword density: 0.5-1.0 %
  • Links: 4-6
  • Volume: No minimum limit
  • Images: 3-5
  • Chart/table (if applicable)
  • Appropriate research
  • Fact-checked
  • Tested and confirmed as unique content


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