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The travel industry has been growing significantly over the last several years, leading to the emergence of numerous online travel sites. Consumers increasingly prefer to book their airline tickets online, in addition to hotel reservations and car rentals. As competition ramps up among travel sites and hotel chains, engaging and informative, SEO-optimized content is all the more essential to attract visitors to these sites to boost search engine rankings and improve user experience. This is where Creative Solutions comes in. We create full-cycle, high-volume content for some of the world’s largest online travel sites. We have crafted a variety of content for our travel industry clients including hotel descriptions, city guides, restaurant descriptions, how-to articles, airline reviews, airports and flights informational content, car rental tips, FAQs, etc. To meet the high-volume content production needs of our travel clients, we have developed a proprietary internal online content management system, enabling our team’s entire process to be conducted and tracked in real-time—from identifying and integrating SEO keywords, content creation, editing, and QA, to client delivery. Without this tool, our renowned production scale and turnaround times would be nearly impossible. We can improve organic search engine rankings and traffic, and subsequently reduce a company’s digital advertising budget. Our enhanced content has shown to result in greater conversion rates and ROCS (Return on Content Spend).

Hotel Descriptions

Hotel Descriptions are the most popular content that appears on travel and hotel websites. We have written hundreds of thousands of hotel descriptions for our clients.

Typically, these descriptions have the following types of content:

  • Unique features of the hotel such as history, architecture, location, theme, etc.
  • Special amenities such as a gym, pool, restaurants, conference rooms, etc.
  • The number and types of rooms
  • Amenities inside rooms
  • Places to eat inside and near the hotel
  • Places to visit near the hotel

The content is written in a friendly, honest, sincere, and helpful tone, Copyscape-tested for original content, and generally 200 to 300 words each.

Creative Solutions uses client-supplied guidelines, when available. Otherwise, we are glad to create guidelines based on a client’s overall objectives.

Restaurant Descriptions:

Creative Solutions has written hundreds of thousands of SEO-optimized restaurant descriptions for restaurants in the United States, Europe, Japan, Canada, Australia, etc. We have written restaurant guides, as well, for various cities and neighborhoods.

Restaurant descriptions usually cover the following information:

  • Restaurant location and proximity to landmarks, if noteworthy
  • Popular dishes
  • Special features such as late-night dining, carry out, catering, unique décor, vegan menu, etc.

Our writers employ an accurate, warm, welcoming tone, with reliable information, Copyscape-tested for original content, and generally 100 to 200 words.

Creative Solutions uses client-supplied guidelines, if available. Otherwise, we create guidelines based on the overall objectives of the client.

We always use native English writers with travel writing experience on our teams for our travel industry clients and believe our quality, pricing, and deliverability are unparalleled.


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