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"We worked with the team at Creative Solutions for several years, optimizing item descriptions for hundreds of thousands of SKUs on our site. They consistently beat our expectations, delivering copy for our assortment that defined “best-in-class” for us, while demonstrably improving customer experience and sales. All of this, while maintaining a high level of professionalism, flexibility, and an innovative approach to doing better with every iteration. From strategy brainstorming to improvements in process to next-generation tools, we were always impressed with CS’s ability to produce not only the highest quality of editorial work, but to do it quickly, shrewdly, and with our customers’ best interests in mind."

Sr. Editorial Manager, SEO

Leading E-commerce Company

“The Creative Solutions’ team delivers great results. We used them to write product descriptions on thousands of products across many different categories.  The results were stellar. We saw a significant improvement in our traffic and conversion. Their quality of work and service are top-notch.” 

SEO Director

E-commerce Company

“I’ve worked with Creative Solutions for a number of years now -- first through my role at Walmart.com, and then at Hired.com. CS’s team can write item page product descriptions and category page copy blocks at scale for a reasonable price or can write higher quality researched pieces for a bit more.  CS has worked hard over the years to acquire and train a reliable set of writers that he can then custom curate for your specific project based on your needs.   I highly recommend CS for bulk custom content projects at scale as well as for lower-volume, higher-quality content writing.”

Senior Organic Growth Manager

SaaS & Marketplace Businesses

"In working with Creative Solutions through my tenure at two advertising agencies and two catalog companies over the course of 15 years, I have found them to be entirely professional, on time, and accurate."


National Consumer

Products & Design Company

"Ever since 1997, whenever I've sent an SOS (save our site), Creative Solutions has made us look flawless and professional. Even on our rush jobs, when Creative Solutions has taken the project from writing to proofreading in a matter of days, they've done the job with a smile. We couldn't publish on the site without you!"


International Online

Educational Publishing Company

"I find the folks at Creative Solutions reliable and valuable. Their flexibility has been a great help when we're under deadline pressure."


International Engineering


"Our External Reporting team is the primary author of our company's quarterly and annual financial statements and notes. Our reports are read and relied on by investors and analysts all over the country and assist them in making investment decisions. As such, quality writing is essential to precisely communicating our message and story. Creative Solutions' Writing Workshop provided our team with an engaging course on many elements of writing that have been forgotten or incorrectly applied since our school days. The workshop put our team on the same page, and the consistency and clarity of the writing and grammar within our reports has improved. We recommend the Workshop to all persons with the responsibility of producing a written product, and we look forward to having Creative Solutions in for regular refresher workshops that will undoubtedly continue to improve the quality of our work product."


Fortune 500 Services Company

"I never hesitate to call Creative Solutions when I need a good proofreader. They've done excellent work for me on a number of projects. They really understand high-tech clients."

Leading Ad Agency


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