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Business Writing - Editing Services

We can conduct a comprehensive workshop tailored to your company's specific needs. This workshop is for any staff who write or prepare business letters, annual reports, proposals, or business communications of any kind. We'll show employees the best means to present their ideas more clearly and persuasively; how to spot misused verbs, pronouns, and punctuation; how to avoid communication mistakes that sabotage credibility; and how to set the tone and choose a format that says "professional."

Proofreading Services

We offer a one- to two-hour in-house training session based on Creative Solutions' copyrighted 8 Stages of Proofreading. This session is customized for your company as an aid to improving your staff's editorial skills and productivity.


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You can start your editorial project with us by using our Instant Services, if appropriate, or by contacting us by filling out and submitting the custom quote/order form.

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